The wait for Manatua extended to the end of January 2021

The Manatua cable which has been pushed back a few times for various reasons was supposed to come on-line this month but is now postponed again until the end of January next year.

According to Telecom spokesperson Hana Nokupega the Manatua cable is ready to go but the hold up is with the lawyers who are working on terms of the contract with the other parties.

Ms. Nokupega also confirmed that there will be no increase in the costs to customers but to expect high-speed internet once everything comes online.

In August this year, Telecom’s Technical Manager Roy Pavihi told BCN News “I can assure that the pricing for the use of the Manatua cable will not be increased but we will be expecting better and robust service once we utilize the Manatua cable.”  

Premier Tagelagi, who is the minister of state-owned enterprises confirmed to BCN news today that Cabinet is awaiting confirmation from the candidates they had selected to be the new directors of the Telecom Niue Board.

Ms Nokupega said that Telecom Niue has completed the road barriers at the site of the Manatua landing.

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  1. GBV in Nieu should be addressed seriously by the highest office in the land-THE Premiers office. This will require input from agencies like UNPFA- regional office in Fiji, who would provide technical support toward such a move.

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