Theft of materials affect rebuilding of the wharf project

Work on rebuilding and strengthening the wharf has hit a major bump because of the theft of thousands of dollars worth of materials last week.

The contractor Bays Underwater contacted the Niue Police department on Friday last week reporting the theft of thousands of dollars worth of specialised equipment which is needed to complete this particular phase of the project before the cyclone season begins next month.

More than thirty steel rods about two metres long were taken including special inserts for bolts already mounted to the wharf while the cement blocks were left to dry.

According to Bays Underwater they were on schedule to complete this phase as planned however the theft of these rods and fittings has compromised their project.

They will need these stills rods and inserts for bolts returned so that they can continue their work.

The Chief of Police said that the contractor will not lay charges if the equipment is returned as soon as possible.

The Police say that there are several cameras facing the wharf which will come in handy in finding the culprits.

However, Chief of Police Timothy Wilson is urging for the return of these materials to Bays Underwater at the Wharf as soon as possible.

He said that “If these items are not returned then the Police will continue with their investigation into the theft”.

1 thought on “Theft of materials affect rebuilding of the wharf project

  1. This was no mistake we all know how much population on the land place I’m pretty sure it won’t be gone that far away but who was responsible for the equipment and all that come on maybe was and inside hope. Now when you find them next step you have do to is to bring them to justice. That’s crime and be prepared because they will come 4 u.

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