Recycle and re-use by students of Niue Primary school

Ask any little one and they will probably tell you that learning is so much fun when you can get your hands dirty in the process. This is exactly what some students of Niue Primary school did this term by turning what would’ve been rubbish into beautiful colourful pieces of recycled materials that can be reused.

This is the focus of the technology lesson of the junior school of Niue primary this term. Head of the junior classes from the new entrants to year three Mrs Nicola Funaki told BCN news that this is part of their program this term combining technology and climate change.

This term they decided to focus on the concepts of recycling and re-using products that would otherwise end up in the rubbish or burned contributing to the ozone gases in the atmosphere.

The intention is to encourage the children to recycle items and re-use them.

The new entrants class using plastic bottles turning these into toys and decorative pieces such candle holders and small hand bags or clutches.

Year one students were given the task of turning tins into reusable items. One of the most common rubbish on the island is an empty tin of corned beef and thanks to the year one students of Niue primary some of these tins have turned into some beautiful pot planters and a swanky little tin man.

The year two students recycled plastic forks, knives and spoons and turned these into some beautiful creations. There was an orange clock, a beautiful photo frame and the little red dragon made entirely of plastic spoons and forks were only a few of the items these children created.

The year three students used recycled rubber tyres and turned these into fixtures that the whole school can use in their playground. An impressive caterpillar made out of tyres and painted in different colours also involved maths lessons says Mrs Puheke. The students were asked to measure and place the tyres according to their size.

They also built two minion characters for their playground and is now a favourite of the little ones during play time.

A mighty impressive effort by the school and the students. Mrs Puheke said the students did most of the work themselves helped by their teachers and some of the parents lend a hand.

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