New Zealand and Australia High Commissioners reflect on the constitutional relationship and the best fish and chips.

There are only two diplomatic missions in Niue, New Zealand and Australia and they shared their reflections of their first constitution celebrations in Niue at the Mutalau show day last Saturday.

The New Zealand high commissioner Helen Tunnah (pictured, right) extended her congratulations to former premier Hon. Young Vivian NDSC who was at the show day and all the awards recipients.

High Commissioner Tunnah said that she commended the government of Niue, for its decision to introduce an honours system for Niueans in Niue.

Helen Tunnah reflected on her first constitution celebrations on Niue, attending all the commemoration events over the past ten days. “Through all of the constitution commemorations it’s part of my responsibility here to try to work with Niueans in both countries to try to deepen those linkages in order to help preserve the ties and the language and culture”.

She said “New Zealand is very fortunate to have a constitutional relationship with Niue and it matters a great deal to us and to Niue and we’ve seen that particularly in these times in 2020 when it’s particularly hard. When your friends and families are not able to be here with you.”

Australia’s first high commissioner to Niue Susan Allen reflected on the two months since she arrived in Niue saying that in the past two months she realised a number of things about Niue and her people.

She marveled at the creativity of the people which is seen at the show days and she’s been to all of them since her arrival.

To the delight of the crowd, HC Allen declared that her lifelong quest for the best fish and chips is over saying that “I feel my search is over, you have the best fish and the best fish and chips ever”.

Australi’s first high commissioner to Niue commended the children of Niue “You’ve school children who are amazing weight-lifters, lifting more than their own bodyweight but most of all you know how to relax and enjoy yourselves.”

Although she’s not yet convinced that the Niue coconut crabs can open a coconut, maybe not as tough as the part Australian coconut crabs of Christmas Island.

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