Conservationist Misa ‘Kanui’ Kulatea (NCSS) is awarded the Niue Community Services Star.

Misa Gihetoa Sialemisa Kulatea (NCSS) fondly known to many as Kanui was also awarded with the Niue Community Services Star.

Mr Misa Kulatea began his career as a public servant in 1966 working in various departments. After over 25years of Service Mr Misa Kulatea opted out of the public service in 1991 but continued his passion for community work.

Misa is a well-known conservationist helping to conserve and protect local flora and fauna.

He shares his knowledge of Niue culture and traditions through his successful nature tour business ‘Misa’s Bush Walk’. Misa is well known in regional tourism for his eco-tourism work.

He volunteers his time in teaching young people the art of wood carving, and he is the co-founder of the Hakupu Heritage Cultural Conservation Park. He is involved in the preservation of local herbs and traditional medicines, helping to ensure this knowledge is not lost.

He also established a bird sanctuary at his home to provide a safe home for injured or orphaned birds, particularly the fruit pigeons and bats.

Misa Kulatea is recognised for his commitment to the promotion of culture and biodiversity conversation.

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