Tuapa Women’s Craft Show; a popular prelude to the Village Show day on Saturday

The Tuapa Women’s crafts show is the traditional prelude to the village show day to be held on Saturday.

Displaying the beautiful hand-made crafts and embroidery of all kinds. The village hall was covered from wall to wall with all the hard work of the women on display.

Long-time weaver of the Tuapa Women’s Group Mele Misileki told BCN news that the crafts show day is the culmination of a year long of weaving group sessions and women and girls preparing for the day.

Attended by government dignitaries including the Minister of Social Development Hon. Sauni Togatule and the Tuapa village MP and Minister for Natural Resources, Hon. Mona Ainuu.

Also, in attendance were members of the Diplomatic community, New Zealand’s High Commissioner H.E Helen Tunnah, and Australia’s new High Commissioner, H.E Susan Allen.

According to Fakatule Ikitule of the Women’s Group “The day is for all women and girls of the village, some as young as primary aged students and the more skilled older ladies. We thank God for giving us good health that we are able to be here today. We look forward to hosting another show day next year”.

Some visitors from the other villages also turned up to buy some of the handcrafts early before the show day on Saturday.

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