Repatriation flight for Fijian citizens in Niue

Cabinet has today approved a humanitarian charter flight from Niue to Fiji to return Fiji nationals to their home.

The Niue government charter plane is a Twin Commander 690B 5W-JMJ from Talofa Airways and will be flying from Samoa to Niue which are both Covid-19 free countries, and onward to Fiji.

The charter will be taking Fiji nationals who were contract workers for the government whose contract terms have ended. State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)such as Telecom Niue and BCN are also returning contract employees, one of whom requires urgent medical attention that is not available in Niue. A USP lecturer is also one of the passengers. Presently no passengers will be flying from Samoa to Niue

This is the first repatriation flight out of Niue since the COVID-19 pandemic started earlier this year.

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