Power rationing in Niue as outages remain an issue

Locals are being advised to save power by unplugging washing machines, freezers, and TV’s to help reduce power demand on the national grid.

Power outages remain an issue on the island with frequent power disruptions.

On Saturday last week, the power went out for most of the night until early Sunday morning.

Last night the power outage started from about 7pm until this morning. Niue Power Corporation has informed that they are rationing power between the northern and southern feeders.

This morning, messages were received via Facebook and messenger updating the public on the power rationing. The power was turned on this afternoon for the northern side of the island for the funeral at Mutalau and turned off for the southern side.

According to the email from the Director of Transport this morning to the government email network

The notice says that they will do their best to provide timely advice and have set up a VC Notices Messenger Group to help speed up the dissemination of information to all villages, noting that not all have or use Facebook or messenger.

The notice is also reminding the public to make all efforts to conserve power until further notice. Please refrain from using items such as air conditioners, to conserve water and to report any major leakages as these leaks draws on power supply. People are asked to follow these conservation measures until further notice.

They are asking the public not to rush to charge your devices when a sudden and unexpected outage is announced.

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