NCEA 2019 certificates for Niue High School students will finally be issued

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has confirmed that students of Niue High School will be receiving their NCEA certificates by the end of this month.

BCN News contacted NZQA last week after receiving an email from the principal of Niue High School saying that parents and students had been informed that NCEA certificates from 2019 will only be available online; that “they (NZQA) are not sending hard copies (of the certificates)”.

However, according to NZQA senior communications advisor Robert Manfield in response to questions from BCN news last week says that this is not the case. He said that “Due to the disruptions caused by COVID 19 there has been a delay in the distribution of certificates and official records of achievements to both Niue and the Cook Islands.”

NZQA can confirm this process is underway and we are planning for these to be delivered to Niue school by the end of September, postal service dependent.”

Some students and their parents were concerned that NCEA certificates normally issued earlier in the year, had still not been issued especially for those students who will be applying for enrolment to universities.

The principal Charles Ioane in his email said “We have been liaising with our NCEA Relationships Manager numerous times on this and the response has been consistent to go digital.  They are not sending hard copies, although students and parents can request for one to be send directly”.

When asked if this is the new process whereby parents and students can request certificates online, NZQA says that there are no changes to this process and that they will continue to produce certificates for students in Niue and the Cook Islands.

Students can expect these certificates by the end of this month depending on postal services.

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