Alofi North Women’s Craft Show and Canoe Fishing Competition

The women of Alofi North put on a fabulous and colourful exhibition of their artistic talents at the village hall last week at their annual women’s show.

The hall was full of stalls displaying an array of crafts and colourful embroidery work as well as those selling food and drinks for the visiting crowds.

Opened by the Reverend Navy Salatielu of the Ekalesia Alofi church and attended by government dignitaries and diplomats.

BCN news spoke to one stall vendor Mrs Pilena Motufoou who said that usually there are more visitors to their shows but this year is different, not seeing the tourists around, but she is happy that many of the locals turned up for the day.

The member of parliament for the village Hon. Va’aiga Tukuitoga paid tribute to the hard work of the women in her village and thanked all who attended to support the show.

Canoe Fishing Competition

Only 3 pelagic fish were caught during the Alofi North fishing competition last Saturday according to the organisers the Village Council.

The heaviest wahoo caught by Daryn Magatogia was 12 kg and he also caught a 7.5 kilo mahimahi.

Poi Okesene caught the only yellow fin tuna at 11kgs

However, the bottom fish category was quite plentiful with the heaviest single bottom fish went to Falepoe Misileki for his amberjack at 12.1 kgs.

Second heaviest combined catch in this category went to Clayton Viliamu with 11.9 kilos of bottom fish and the third prize went to his younger brother Floyd Viliamu with 8.3 kg of bottom fish.

There will be a special prize giving evening for the village after the show day this coming Saturday.

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