Powerhouse construction works at Kaimiti is still on hold

The powerhouse construction works at Kaimiti is still on hold.

The Office of the Premier confirms there is no update and works are still on hold.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi had earlier confirmed during his press conference that works have been put on hold for consultations to be held.

Concerns were raised by residents on the construction of the powerhouse in regard to lack of consultation and that it is near the hospital.

The work is on hold so that an independent EIA can be conducted. Director of Environment Haden Talagi has confirmed to Midday News that the process of securing an independent firm to conduct the environment and social impact assessment is currently underway with the PMCU.

The PMCU is working on the terms of reference and once that is all confirmed then an independent firm from NZ will begin the work. This is all dependent on the border restrictions and when the firm can begin the work.

Haden Talagi said should there be issues with travel, then they may have to resort to conducting a virtual assessment and the PMCU will take the lead in that process.

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