Tamakautoga holds village show day

The new member of parliament for the village of Tamakautoga Muiaki Ricky Makani thanked his village for their confidence in him, electing him to the Fono Ekepule in the May elections.

Speaking at the annual village showday last Saturday, he also paid tribute to his predecessor Andrew Funaki for his years of service as the member of parliament for Tamakautoga.

Makani also made special mention of the diaspora of the people of Tamakau and bridging the gap between Tamakautoga people living in New Zealand, Australia and in other countries and the people living in village.

The Tamakautoga showday was well attended. The new business Niue Blue also participated in their first village showday donating funds they raised on the day to the work of the women.

The next show day on the village show day calendar will be the village of Tuapa in a few weeks’ time.

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