Niue releases third coin in “Geniuses of the 19th Century” collector series

The government and treasury of Niue have released the third coin in their ongoing collector series entitled “Geniuses of the 19th Century.”

This numismatic collector coin series opened with Thomas Alva Edison, continued with Nikola Tesla, and now continues with Alfred Nobel – a Swedish chemist who invented dynamite and other explosives. He used his enormous fortune from 355 patents to institute the Nobel Prizes.

According to coin update news, the coins are produced by the Czech Mint and are designed by the medalier Asamat Baltaev DiS. The reverse side bears a charismatic portrait of the inventor, supplemented with the inscription ALFRED NOBEL placed to the left of the portrait. The explosion in the background symbolizes Nobel’s numerous explosive discoveries and features a bundle of dynamite with an incendiary cord.

The obverse side of the coin includes an effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley and also includes a collection of drawings of various inventions from the 19th century depicted in the Geniuses of the 19th Century series. The nominal value of 1 DOLLAR is shown in vertical text, and the year of issue, 2020, is seen under the Queen’s name.

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