Concerns raised by gun owners over the increase in ammunition costs

Concerns have been raised by registered gun owners over the increase in ammunition costs.

A box of ammunition that contains 25 cartridges has increased from the price of $25 to $50.

Hunters on the island say the box of bullets is too expensive now and believe the increase in price is not necessary when the bullets were bought a few years ago and have been stored at the Police department.

The increase in price has been decided by Cabinet after reopening the shooting season for fruit pigeons and bats from August to the end of September.

BCN News also asked the Minister for Natural Resources Mona Ainuu on the reasons for the increase in price.

“We didn’t think that $50 is a huge cost because $25 has been the normal price since quite a few years and as you all know this time there is, I wouldn’t say such a struggle in regards to our budget but I think it’s time that we review the cost because it has been quite low but that’s not to say that the cost will not change.”  said Ainuu

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