BCN thanks NDMO and Police for support following May 19th fire

On May 19th six weeks ago, the BCN studios burned down with damages valued at more than 1 million dollars. Since then BCN news team has been temporarily operating from the Emergency Operations Centre.

The General Manager of BCN and BCN staff members hosted a morning tea to thank the Chief of Police Tim Wilson and NDMO Manager Robin Hekau and their staff for housing the BCN news team over the last 6 weeks.

The news team will now be moving back to the makeshift offices at BCN.

In his speech Robin Hekau said that the purpose of the EOC is to help during times of emergencies, and they are happy to have helped the BCN team out.

Chief Timothy Wilson said that the relationship between the Police, NDMO and BCN goes way back, especially during cyclone season and in times of natural disasters when BCN plays an important role in informing the public.

General Manager Trevor Tiakia said that despite the complete devastation to the TV and Radio Studios, BCN managed to get radio back on air four days later and TV Niue was back on air 5 days after the five.

It is though somewhat disappointing that despite the expediency in getting the services back on and BCNs coverage of the General Elections, since the fire, no senior government official has visited as a show of support. BCN is indeed very grateful for the support extended by the Chief of Police and the NDMO.

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