227.65 kg Black marlin caught off Namukulu

The Pasisi family name is often associated with setting and breaking fishing records on the island. This was the case yet again on Saturday morning when Paul Pasisi caught a massive 227.65kg Black Marlin off the far FAD at Namukulu.

Paul was taking part in the Alofi South Marine Day fishing competition hosted by the Alofi South Village Council. 

Paul told BCN News that it took a whole yellowfin tuna bait on his longline to land the massive fish. It took about 25 minutes to kill it and tie it to the boat with another 30 minutes to haul it on to the boat with help from fellow Fisherman Darryn Magatogia who was passing by trolling and stopped to help Paul lift the fish into the boat. 

This is not the first time Paul Pasisi has landed a massive marlin. He and his sister Coral Pasisi caught another 219 kg about 25 years ago, which was the record until Saturday when Paul hauled in the massive 227.65 kg black marlin. 

According to Paul the fish has been sold and filleted up for a special haircutting ceremony soon.  The celebration continued long into the evening at the Kalaone sea track for the fishermen and the village of Alofi South last Saturday evening but the day belonged to Paul Pasisi and his 227.65kg Black Marlin. 

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