The government will support the rebuilding of BCN

The government will be supporting the rebuilding of the Broadcasting Corporation of Niue which was partially damaged in an early morning fire on May 19th.

The fire damaged BCN TV Operation room, TV, and radio studios with an estimated cost of over $1 million. Currently, BCN staff members are operating out of temporary studios at the foyer with the damaged parts studios sealed off.  

During a press conference last Friday, the Premier as the Minister for Commercial agencies which includes BCN was asked whether there will be financial assistance provided by government towards the rebuilding of BCN.

“ Well, it’s no doubt we will be supporting BCN just like any other government businesses but let me say first, we haven’t heard or seen any reports of what had happened and what is the board and managers intention of the building until we see that and of course we would like BCN to be put back how it used to but of course we will be supporting. We’ll also have to see the estimated cost for the renovation.”

The report on the BCN fire has been tabled in the previous cabinet meeting but still awaits the outcome of the investigation of the police and inquest.

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