The Government aims to provide more information to the mainstream media & utilize social media platforms

Government aims to be more forthcoming with information about their decisions and discussions through holding more press conferences and issuing official statements to the media.

This is Cabinet’s new initiative, according to the Premier, after Cabinet meetings, a press conference of any substantial matters approved by Cabinet or any such important matters arise or updates such as Covid19 shall be released immediately to the media in the public foyer.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi announced this as part of the efforts for good governance during his speech on his government’s plans to the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

“In addition, the press statements are to be readily made available for distribution to the public. However, except, where information is classified as sensitive and highly confidential pending following due process, the public and media will be notified accordingly.

Tagelagi says the Government will focus on developing and using the government web sites for ease of communication to the wider public. However he says Government plans on regulating social media comments.

“So much have been discussed and invested in ICT development, though there are still areas for improvement to maximize the benefits of sharing information efficiently utilizing the digital and social media.

We will also look to regulate the standard and quality of public comments that are acceptable on social media and the government web sites.” said Tagelagi

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