Ministries and departments will be scrutinized to exercise responsibility and astute leadership

Government Ministries and departments will be scrutinized to exercise responsibility and astute leadership.

According to the Premier they are to ensure to practise good governance, transparency and accountability.

“At this early stage, I am encouraged by the introductory meetings being held between the Cabinet Ministers and their Ministries and departments. It is the best approach to share and learn what the key issues are that needs to be addressed.

The Public Service Commission as stipulated in the Constitution of Niue shall play a crucial role in the effectiveness, efficiency and livelihood of the government employees and the public service generally. Cabinet will establish the guidelines on how to guide the Commission work for the public service. I expect to see that decisions are widely and well researched and analysed so no disputes may arise.  “ Premier told the Assembly

He says in the short time of the government, they have already started looking at;

Evaluation of the public sector transformation

Ageing workforce and succession planning superannuation

Student loans

Salaries and allowances

Priority projects

All findings will be released straight after.

Tagelagi also highlighted the following measures during his speech to the legislative Assembly on his government plans.


This Government will abide by the Constitution and follow the rule of law and regulations in what we decide on, do and apply the check and balances oversight.

Today, we will select and form the Select Committees for the next 3 years. I encourage members to get involve in committees where you can make great contributions in order for changes required.


Today, we are establishing the Constitution Review Committee to look into the particular articles which are deemed outdated with the modern times. We will select other professional members from the community and the private sector, if necessary.


At some point in time, we will establish the Cabinet Working Committees to look at specific areas of interest, like Climate Change, Education and Health, Youth as appropriate.

In addition, we will establish an Independent Anti-Corruption Unit which is consistent with the developed economies and countries set up.


The accountability is a vital oversight tool to ensure we are accountable for what we do. That monies received and spent are properly accounted for and timely reports are produced and circulated to the public.

After all, it is the right of the public to access and know about the work that the Assembly and the public are doing.

This Government will form an Internal Audit and Risk unit in Treasury to conduct internal control checks and auditing of accounts and performances in the departments.

All these relevant measures are important to keep us honest, effective and efficient in our work as elected servants and appointed officials entrusted to ensure good value for money.


One of the core role of Assembly members is law making. We will endeavour to prioritize the necessary review and amendment to modernize outdated laws and regulations.

I expect the SOG, DGs and HODs to work collaboratively to fast track and harmonize the processing and consultations for these legislations and avoid making excuses to stall the due process taking place.


The same goal will apply for the review of all policies to determine their validity, credibility, affordability and vitally sustainability in the long run. As I mention before, we are facing serious economic recession and collapse, so the future is uncertain generally speaking.

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