Opening of the 17th Legislative Assembly set for 10th June

The Office of the Clerk of Assembly has confirmed that the opening of the 17th Legislative Assembly is tentatively set for next Wednesday 10th June.

The election of the Speaker takes place first before any other business at the first meeting of the Assembly. The Speaker will be voted into office by an absolute majority of the 20 members. In the history of the Fono Ekepule, the Speaker has always been someone from outside the elected 20 members of the Assembly.

The opening of parliament or the first meeting of the Assembly is when the 20 members-elect will take their oath of office.

The members may choose to take their oath in either Vagahau Niue or in English.

After the members have all taken their oath, the Speaker will proceed with the election of the Premier. Once the Premier is elected, he or she will have 7 days to inform the Speaker of their nominations of the three members to form the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Premier will also inform the Speaker of the nominations of 4 members assisting Ministers commonly known as MAMs.

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