Youngest Common Roll candidates aim for inclusive leadership; empowering communities and youths

The youngest candidate of the Common Roll Alana Fiafia Rex aims to champion increased support for community development if elected to Parliament.

The 37-year-old is a passionate environment conservationist who has had extensive work experience with community development in Niue through voluntary and civil society work.

She founded local Non-Government organization Oma Tafua meaning “to treasure whales” which is dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine mammals in Niue and the wider Pacific. 

Alana Fiafia Rex says her priority is standing for a prosperous and resilient government.

Her top motivations, she says are Power to thriving communities and to sustainable finances.

 In which she aims to pursue funds for the village community’s sustainability projects. Accountability and credibility, she says is essential with the funds provided which will enable development projects for communities.

Rex added Power to fair pay as her third highlighting the issue of disproportionate pay and vulnerable groups which she believes involves everyone as there are less than 1,700 on the island which can be managed.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Green who is also advocating for more youth representation aims to propose two seats for people under the age of 40 in the Common Roll.

Green who is one of the youngest Common roll candidates told BCN News that he aims to engage more youths in various areas and mobilize more empowering programs and incentives for the young people on the island.

He said it is about time that youths have a seat at the table on national decision making matters.  

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