BCN resumes radio broadcasting with aims to start TV this week

Niueans are now being informed again with what is happening on the island and the upcoming general election as the Broadcasting Corporation of Niue resumed its radio services today.

If all goes according to plan, General Manager Trevor Tiakia says they are aiming to broadcast a single television channel as early as Tuesday May 26th with the arrival of the required equipment on today’s flight.

BCN technicians worked throughout last week following the morning fire on Tuesday May 19th to get Radio Sunshine back on the air. The TV Niue operation room and TV studio were destroyed by the early morning fire while nearby rooms including the radio studio were affected by the thick smoke.

A temporary studio is currently being constructed at the foyer of the BCN building with the entrance to the burnt studios sealed off.

The estimated cost of damage to the building is 1 million NZ dollars.

BCN is resuming it’s on-air general election coverage from Tuesday May 26th with the allocation of 30 minutes of airtime for candidates on Radio Sunshine.

BCN’s online platform – TV Niue website, BCN Facebook page, and BCN Twitter page are also being utilized for the election news coverage.

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