No candidates have withdrawn their nominations; Private sector well represented in Common Roll list

No candidates for the General Election have withdrawn their nominations which closed on Thursday May 21st.

Chief Electoral Officer Dareen Tohovaka issued the confirmed list of the Common Roll and Village candidates yesterday.

Meanwhile, the private sector is well represented in this year’s list of candidates vying for one of the six common roll seats of the Fono Ekepule.

Exactly half the list is made up of local business owners some of who are fairly new to the local business community. Of the 26 on the preliminary list, 13 are business owners.

From veteran Common roll member Terry Coe, who runs a mechanical workshop and retail store, to newcomer Mark Blumsky owner of Kendras Kollection and co-owner of Vaiolama Café.

There are four tourism accommodation property owners, in Ida Hekesi of Stones villas, there is Rupina Morrissey of Kololi’s Guesthouse and motels, Deve Talagi is co-owner of Turtle Lodge in Makefu and Merry- ano Iakopo Lui in central Alofi.

In the mix is co-owner of RockBak Bakery Catherine Papani and Club owner of Claytons Bar and Nightclub Joan Viliamu whose been one of the six common roll members for the last 9 years.

Trying for the second time is Lagisia Mantann of the Brush a relatively new painting contractor and Kenneth Green of Niue Coffee another relatively new business growing and selling local Niue coffee. In the list is restaurant and bar owner Stanley Tafatu and electrical contractor Piliva Togahai both of Alofi South.

Arguably the two most successful local businessmen on the common roll list and have been on the common roll list are Sir Toke Talagi of Toke’s Enterprises which includes Peleni’s Traveli, Heahea Rentals and Pelen’s guesthouse and Stanley Kalauni of Stanley Kalauni Holdings which includes Benards Marketing, Niue vanilla and Niue Rentals.

Of these 15 candidates three are current members the Board of Directors and one senior staff member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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