Former NZ Foreign Affairs Minister works with Niue to secure donor support

New Zealand’s Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Murray McCully is working with Niue to help secure donor support.

Responding to BCN News, McCully stated ” As a result of my long friendship with the Premier and others in Niue I am occasionally asked to assist when required. There is no formal relationship or role. Niue has made huge progress in recent years and I am happy to do what I can to assist. “

BCN News understands that McCully was approached by the Niue Government a few weeks ago to help secure donor support from international development partners.

It’s understood that the New Zealand and Australia are the only development donor countries to have supported Niue with it’s COVID 19 response.

The New Zealand High Commissioner to Niue Kirk Yates has also confirmed this to BCN News this afternoon.

We have been advised that the former NZ Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully is working with Niue.  The Government of Niue is best placed to comment on the nature of his role” said Yates

The Secretary of Government Peleni Talagi also confirmed it to BCN News this evening.

“Murray McCully is a friend of Niue who occasionally provides advice and assistance to the Government as an unofficial advisor. He is currently assisting in approaches to donors to deal with the impact of the covid19 pandemic. He is not paid for any role that he plays to support Niue.” said Talagi

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