Disappointment by some returning Niueans for not being eligible to vote

There has been some confusion and obvious disappointment from some returning Niueans not meeting the requirements to be able to register to vote.

This was highlighted during a radio public awareness program by the Chief Electoral officer Darren Tohovaka on Tuesday May 12th.

Tohovaka said that he understands these people’s disappointment but explained that these are not rules made up by his Office, but these are the requirements under the Niue Constitution and the Niue Assembly Act of 1966.

To eligible to vote you must meet all of the following nine criteria;

1. 18 years of age

2. NZ Citizen or PR

3. Lives in the village they apply to be registered in

4. Has at any time lived in Niue continuously for 3 years or more

5. Has lived in Niue continuously for 1 year prior to registering to vote

6. Not been convicted in Niue or any Commonwealth country of an offence punishable by death or by imprisonment for a term of 1 year or more

7. Not been convicted in Niue of a corrupt practice

  1. Was convicted of one or both of these offences has been pardoned or has undergone the sentence for the offences 9. Is a person of sound mind

Voter registrations are now open and the Electoral rolls will be closed on Thursday 19th of May.

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