Billy Talagi will not contest his village seat of Avatele

Minister Billy Talagi will not be contesting his village seat of Avatele. 

This was confirmed yesterday at the Avatele village meeting.  

It is understood that Hon. Billy Talagi will be contesting in the Common Roll. 

This will be his second time as a common roll candidate. He was first elected into the assembly as a common roll member.  

At the same meeting, former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Atapana Siakimotu announced his intentions to contest the village seat as one of the three new candidates.  

Two others will be contesting the Avatele seat, in the current chair of the Avatele Village Council Speedo He-tu-tu and council member Pita Vaka-no-fiti ( fisi).  This will be the first time Atapana Siakimotu and Speedo Hetutu will be contesting and Vakanofiti’s second time.  

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