Chief Electoral Officer announces key dates

The Chief Electoral Officer Darren Tohovaka officially announced the election date and issued the public call for nominations and that the electoral are open for inspection and registration to the electoral roll.

On a public awareness program on Radio Sunshine he also announced some key dates for the public to be aware of. 

The nominations of electoral candidates will close at 12 midday on Thursday 14th of May 

All voter objections are determined on the 18th of May, The Electoral roll will close at 4pm on the 19th of May. 

Candidates wanting to withdraw their nomination may do so on the 21st of May at 12 midday. 

For those wanting to vote in advance, you may submit your applications for advance voting on the 27th May and Voting in Advance will be held on Thursday 28th May. 

Saturday the 30th of May is the polling day and preliminary results with the official recount and declaration of duly elected members on Tuesday 2nd of June. 

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