84 year old former Premier Young Vivian aims for a return to politics

Former Premier Hon. Young Vivian has announced his candidacy for the general election.

BCN News understands he announced it during the Hakupu village meeting last Sunday.

The 84 year old former Premier Vivian will be contesting for one of the six common roll seats.

Hon. Young Vivian is a veteran politician having served as the member of Hakupu for many years, but was unseated by Michael Jackson at the 2017 elections.

It’s understood he is the first former Premier to make a come-back and contest the common roll seats.


Hon. Young Vivian was first appointed Premier in late 1992 until early 1993, after the passing of Niue’s first Premier Sir Robert Rex.

He became the Premier again in 2002 until 2008.

BCN News understands that at the Hakupu village meeting, the incumbent members Michael Jackson, Richie Mautama and Fapoi Akesi announced their candidacy for the village seat.

While Former Premier Young Vivian, Tom Misikea and incumbent common Roll member Crossley announced their candidacy for the Common Roll.

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