Weekly flights to Niue will continue alternating for passengers,cargo and freight

Weekly flights into Niue will continue, however there will be changes. 

Speaking on behalf of Cabinet, Minister for Natural Resources Dalton Tagelagi confirmed this on Radio Sunshine’s talk-back show yesterday.

There will be a limited number of passengers allowed on the flight which are only for residents, and not all flights will carry passengers. Tagelagi said this is to allow for the facilities available for self-isolation or quarantine purposes on the island. 

This will mean that the weekly flights will alternate, one week will carry passengers and the next week will carry cargo and freight only. 

The travel advisory issued today states that only niuean residents will be allowed to travel to Niue for the next four weeks.

Where technical or skilled persons are required than they can travel to Niue with written authorization from the Government of Niue.

All persons who enter Niue will have to undergo a mandatory 14 days quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Secretary of Government is seeking the assistance of the public to please if you know of anyone booked to travel to Niue on Monday 6th April to please contact the Office of External Affairs for logistical purposes. 

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