Niue High School will not participate in any NCEA petition : Director of Education

Niue High School will not participate in any petition relating to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

This is according to the Department of Education Director Birtha Togahai who says the Department is aware there are discussions in some New Zealand schools about reducing credits per level.

A student led petition calling for the New Zealand Government to reduce the amount of NCEA credits students need to pass each level has gained over 20,000 signatures, according to TVNZ.

There are concerns that the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown and home-schooling environment has negatively impacted secondary students’ ability to learn and are asking for a 10-credit reduction on Levels 1, 2 and 3 for this year.

“Fortunately, for Niue, our Schools have not had a direct impact of COVID-19 pandemic compared to New Zealand schools. The Schools have discussed their teaching and learning programmes and the consensus is to remain as normal. Despite the normal School holidays extended by one extra week, the teachers had spent that week preparing work and have given to parents, caregivers and students to complete. This is Week 3 of Term 2 and teaching and learning programmes have proceeded smoothly. “said Togahai

Mitigating the impact on NCEA, the Director stated that regular contact with Niue High School’s NCEA Relationships Manager has ensured that teachers and students are informed regularly minimizing any adverse impacts on the senior students.

“NZQA are also making available free of charge, learning and support material for all subject areas and achievement standards.

In addition, the School will amend their long-term plans across all subject areas at the same time, staying within the parameters so students can achieve their level qualifications. “

Together with NZQA, Togahai said NZ MOE assured that they will help schools develop effective plans for NCEA assessment and qualifications for students affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“NCEA’s flexibility is its strength and means that the School can adapt how they deliver and use NCEA to reflect our current context. This includes managing internal assessments through working from home and generating grades derived from learning programmes, should attendance at external assessments be disrupted.

Work is also underway to ensure that all qualifications, awards, and pathways including University Entrance and Vocational Pathways will remain available through any disruptions.”

NZQA has already provided schools guidance on how to manage disruptions to internal and external assessments due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some students and parents have indicated that their children will work from home for the time being.

“We are pleased to allow that in view of the extenuating circumstances we are facing at present. Parents can drop off the students’ assessments when completed on the due date.

There are also a few students not attending School and are using the COVID-19 situation as an excuse. We encourage the parents to send your children to school.” Said Togahai

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