Growers Association raise concern about lack of working bulldozers on the island

The Niue Growers Association is calling on the government to do something about the lack of working bulldozers on the island. 

NPNC which is responsible for the bulldozers confirmed that there is only one working bulldozer at the moment, one hasn’t been working for several months. 

The Growers association president Takili Talagi told BCN News that they had a meeting with the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Dalton Tagelagi to ask that the government purchase another bulldozer and to prioritize the repairs to the damaged dozer. 

BCN News understands that the bulldozer has been moved around the island and has missed out some villages. 

NPNC has confirmed that the only working dozer is now at Lakepa and will move on to Mutalau. Lakepa growers said that the dozer was last in their village more than two years ago. 

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