17 month old boy with severe head injuries medevaced to NZ after vehicle accident

A 17 month old Niuean boy who was involved in a car accident at Paliati over the weekend is in stable but critical condition at the Starship hospital in Auckland.

The little boy was a victim of a vehicle accident which happened in a family home at approximately 12.30 midday on Friday last week. 

An air ambulance flight was called in on Friday night to evacuate the 17 month old boy to New Zealand. 

The father of the 17 month old has told BCN News the child sustained head injuries from the car accident and is currently being monitored at the children’s hospital in Auckland.

He says  the doctors are keeping his son sedated to allow his body to rest and recover and may take a few days or weeks.

According to Sergeant Jackson of the Niue Police, the Police are still investigating the accident which was witnessed by several students and teachers of the schools nearby. 

Sergeant Jackson told BCN news that it was fortunate that there was a medical doctor at the family home during the accident who tended to the little boy until they reached the hospital. 

The air ambulance flight arrived at about 8.45 pm and left after 1am on Saturday morning. The little boy was accompanied by his mother. 

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