Villagers desire sustainable and responsible tourism

Sustainable and responsible tourism are some of the key vision of villages for Niue’s tourism development.

This has been highlighted by Niue’s Tourism Consultants, Tourism Recreation Conservation or TRC who have been working together for the last five years on developing responsible tourism policies.

Currently consultations are being held with villages as part of developing Niue Tourism’s strategy for the next five to ten years.  Avatele, Hakupu and Mutalau are the latest villages to be consulted in workshops held so far by Niue Tourism.

TRC Director Janet Mackay said the shared visions are that visitors to Niue are respectful of the environment and Niue’s culture.

TRC has already engaged villages in the past few years on what their vision is for Niue’s tourism.

The current consultations are to check if villagers still have the same vision and  engage them in discussions on ways to move forward.

The Tourism Recreation Conservation also works with other Pacific Island Countries.


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