More awareness needed on managing marine resources sustainably

More awareness is needed to empower Niueans to manage their marine resources sustainably.

This is a gap that has been identified by local stakeholders together with SPC officials in the Ridge to Reef workshop held earlier this week at Matavai resort.  

The SPC  Community based fisheries management officer Watisoni Lalavanua told BCN News they are here to understand what work has been done on the Ridge to reef project and where they can assist.

Based on discussions,  He said SPC can assist in the gap of information and outreach, tailor made for the local communities which will help in making informed decisions on how they manage their coastal fisheries resources.

SPC’s Information and outreach officer  for the PEUMP Project Celine Muron added currently there is a lack of access to information in the appropriate format for the vast majority of coastal communities in the Pacific. 

Under the project, SPC finds information strategies to reach coastal communities in order to raise awareness on the sustainable use of marine resources to explain how communities could take action to contribute to sustain marine resources. 

Muron said this is an inception workshop and she will return later to continue the project implementation.

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