Over breeding of dogs and cats continues to be an animal welfare issue

There is still a problem with over breeding of cats and dogs on the island, this continues to be an animal welfare issue.

In a report by the ROCKVETS Trustees and members of the team, it states the citizens of Niue Island are very supportive of their programme, the animals that were brought to their clinics are looking in better health and because of the on island skills and networks they have developed they can offer (as best as is possible) distance veterinary advice.

ROCKVETS stated that the island fundraising has been fabulous. They thank all the businesses and individuals who have got in behind The Rock Vets and proven their desire to see a veterinary service for Niue.

There have now been two years of pig husbandry lectures. These have been very well attended.

According to statistics by the ROCKVETS based on their 2019 visit.

There a total of 122 health checkups, 79 female dogs were desexed while 71 male dogs were desexed.

A total of 42 female cats were desexed as well as 42 for the male cats. 12 cases were for other surgeries. There two school visits and two pig seminars and 7 meetings held by the ROCKVETS team.

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