Niuean community mourns loss of newborn baby and a tupuna

Niue is the smallest country in the World and when one of us dies the entire community shares in the loss. Such was the case over the weekend when we lost a newborn baby and a Tupuna.

On Friday last week, a young family lost their newborn baby girl after an emergency caesarean. The baby girl would’ve been the second daughter to the young couple. She was laid to rest in the gardens at her grandparent’s home in Toa, Tamakautoga witnessed by many family and friends who gathered to support the family.

On Saturday morning, the Tupuna and former Member of Parliament for Mutalau Hafe Vilitama passed away at Niuefoou hospital. He was 90 years old.

Hafe Vilitama was an educator and historian by profession. He became Niue’s first local Niuean Director for the Department of Education.

He was the Ulumotua head deacon of the Ekalesia of Mutalau for more many years. 

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