Niue Government retains services of Swedish adviser to regain .nu domain

The Government has retained the services of Par Brumark to help Niue regain dot nu domain and the benefits associated with the dot nu.

Par Brumark arrived on the island last Friday to attend the 45th constitution celebrations. 

Brumark told BCN News that he was asked by the Premier Sir Toke Talagi to help and he started working on this assignment 18 months ago.

The Niue government has been trying to gain control of the dot nu since Sir Toke Talagi became premier in 2008. Many years later the government’s Swedish adviser Par Brumark is helping the Niue government with their legal case in Swedish courts.

Brumark is optimistic that in six months Niue will start to see results of the many years of waiting. 

The original controller of dot nu was an American Bill Simich who then sold it to a Swedish domain registry company. There are an estimated 400 thousand registered users of dot nu. 

Par Brumark who is also the deputy chair of ICANN, which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will be back to Niue in 6 months time. 

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