Niueans mark 45th Constitution celebration; Premier announces salary and pension increases

Premier Sir Toke Talagi announced salary and pension increases during the 45th Constitution day celebrations. 

In his speech, he announced that all public servants will receive an additional $30 to their fortnightly salaries. The nurses and teachers will receive $35 increase and the pensioners will get an increase of $40 every two weeks. 

Premier Talagi said that it is the role of the government to generate revenue so that they are able to make these increases. He said the government had generated nearly $6 million which will be used to fund these increases. 

The Premier made this announcement after rewarding the Niue Lawn Bowl medalists from the Pacific Games.

The gold medalists Pauline Blumsky, Joy Peyroux and Christine Ionae were awarded $5000, the silver medalists Pauline Blumsky, Pilena Motufoou, Vikatose Liumaihetau and Joy Peyroux were awarded $4000 and the bronze medalists Hon. Dalton Tagelagi, Norman Mitimeti and Mark Blumsky received $3000 each.

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