UAV technology being trialed for the surveillance of Niue’s EEZ

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance of Niue’s Exclusive Economic Zone and nearshore coastal waters continues to be an on-going key responsibility and priority for Niue for both fisheries compliance and security purposes. 

To help address this, the use of technology particularly drones is being explored by stakeholders.

 As the Government of Niue formalizes its new 40% Marine Protected Area, and considers an EEZ wide Marine Spatial Management Plan, the need for enhanced monitoring and surveillance is increased.

In recognition of this need, a training for maritime stakeholders is being held throughout this week on Niue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/Drones) and other Emerging Technologies Trial for Monitoring, Control, Surveillance and Search and Rescue of Coastal and Ocean Marine Space.

The Premier, supported by the Minister for Natural Resources has long identified an interest in exploring UAV technology for application in Niue’s context, and these trials are designed to assist as the first steps/phase to address this in a targeted and comprehensive manner.

Facilitated under the current Public-Private Partnership Niue Ocean Wide Project,  that is the Government of Niue & Tofia Niue Partnership , MNR and DAFF, with the support of key Government and NGO partners, these trials will provide first hand, physical trials of emerging technologies for application around Niue, out to sea, Beveridge Reef, and land applications.

Such trials will be equally applicable to other Pacific island Nations with similar geographic characteristics as Niue.

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