Niue may have lost its one and only celebrity ‘Trevor the duck’ but has now gained 38 new ducks

Niue may have lost its one and only celebrity ‘Trevor the duck’ earlier this year, however since May Niue has gained 38 ducks.

That’s because a young self made farmer in Tuila Emerson Malinao Sinagpulo is trying something new, Duck Farming. That’s right, we have a duck farm in Niue. 

According to Emerson he started when he was given some duck eggs to incubate. This was mainly a trial and error process at first with the incubation process. Now he has a total of 38 grown ducks and a few more ducklings. 

There is a man-made pond especially for the ducks. The ducks diet is supplemented with local bananas and coconut although Emerson says they haven’t taken to the coconut as well as they do with the bananas. 

Emerson said that the reason he wanted to farm ducks is because duck eggs are bigger in size and duck eggs stay fresher longer than chicken eggs.

Another good reason he said is that ducks lay eggs all year round and the layer feed required for ducks is lower than that used for chickens. Ducks are also easier to raise as they don’t dig up the ground and their manure needs less aging than chicken manure before you apply to your garden.

Emerson uses duck manure to help fertilize his taro plantation. 

Trevor the mallard duck, once dubbed the world’s loneliest duck, died after being attacked by dogs in January this year.

Trevor was something of a local celebrity in Niue for being the only bird of his kind living on the island. He had arrived in 2018, but it’s unclear how he got here.

He lived in a roadside puddle during his short life, where he was regularly fed and taken care of by locals.

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