Decrease in the number of Indonesian workers on the island

Only four Indonesian workers remain working on the island from the initial 8 Indonesian workers who were brought to Niue to help aid the labour shortage.

All are male workers residing at the Noni Farm in Vaiea, their place of employment. It is understood the four left due to personal reasons.

The Indonesian workers upon first arrival to the island were quick to help with roading maintenance. 

For months now, such work has already ceased with the labour shortage at the Niue Nonu Farm settled with all 4 engaged in full time employment.  This is according Manager Mesepa Talani Seu.  

The workers were contracted by Government with help from business owner Avi Ruben.  This isn’t the first time foreign workers have been sought to aid the labour shortage here in Niue. 

Previous workers from the Philippines were bought in to help in the agricultural sector such as those employed by Stan Kalauni in Vanilla Farming.  

With demand for such products as Nonu and Vanilla growing globally with quality recognition the problem collectively surrounding the labour mobility in the private sector is increasing.

Preference from local Niueans is evident for the Government sector with the 4 working days per week a major factor.

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