Year 11 students campaign on Anti-bullying

Niue High School’s Year 11 students of Social Studies yesterday campaigned on Human Rights issues at the school with Bullying as the focus.

The campaign is spearheaded by the Year 11 Social Studies students and teachers and is supported by the entire school and education community.

Niue High School’s Head of Department for Social Studies Teuila Kalauni said it was another successful year of the Human Rights and Anti-bullying campaign which is part of the Year 11’s Social Studies assessment for NCEA. 

This year marks the 7th year for the campaign.  

Kalauni said each of the 5 students enrolled were tasked to actively partake in the campaign with one of the students writing a letter to the School Principal requesting the day be mufti embracing the colors white and red to show support for the theme.  

Years 7, 8 and 9 also partook in a poster competition and in an informal assembly held yesterday morning, prizes were distributed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd per year.  

Kalauni stressed that the event was not simply running a campaign against bullying but showing respect and tolerance for human rights.  

Niue High School’s Principal Charles Ioane relayed to the public of the open invitation to attend and view presentations.  He expressed the event is supported by not only the school but also the education community.  

Niue High School doesn’t have counselors and certainly teachers are not trained in professional counseling.  For this reason the Health Department is sought to assist in this respect, furthermore an open door policy is practiced for transparency and ensuring parents are involved at the outset with concerns raised straight away.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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