Treasury clears the air on National Budget

The Treasury department has clarified the Annual Appropriation bill 2019 tabled in the Fono Ekepule last week which was delivered by the Minister of Social Services.

The Hon. Billy Talagi announced the grant and appropriation of expenditure for Recurrent operational Expenditure, capital projects and investment and development projects a total of $28, 735,000 and for development partner investment and development projects a total of $20,595,000. 

Questions  and concerns were also raised by Opposition Members of Parliament on important  information that was missing from the budget announcement and the lack of time given for the members to go through the Bill. 

BCN News obtained a copy of the Appropriation bill and budget documents and sought clarification as the Minister’ introduction of the bill did not mention the expected revenue the government is expected to generate in order to meet the government’s expenditure.

Treasury has clarified that the Appropriation bill presented by the minister only highlighted expenditures government is investing in and not the revenue.

According to the 2019-2020 budget estimates, the financial year has a total recurrent expenditure of $28,173,000 and recurrent revenue of $28,735,000. 

The Treasury department clarified that the surplus $562,000 will be used to fund the government’s recurrent capital expenditure of $100,000 and the government’s recurrent investment and development projects of $462,000.

This includes 4G expansion, Youth employment scheme, early childhood care education Creche, waste management, vanilla maintenance and various community projects.    

Story by Esther Pavihi & Sofaia Koroitanoa

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