Opposition MP takes legal action over the right to be heard

Opposition MP Terry Coe is going to court over the right to be heard in the Fono Ekepule. 

Mr Coe has filed action seeking the Niue High Court’s opinion on the legality of the Speaker’s decisions to deny and restrict his questions and motions in the house. He said half of his questions and motions had been denied and this was impacting on his ability to do his job as a member of the Opposition.

According to Mr Coe he wants transparency and that “the opposition, who’s the minority, need to be heard and that’s quite plain in the standing orders, that the minority should be heard in the house.”

Mr Coe said he was worried the people would not believe he was raising their issues and concerns in the House. And that it’s important that the listening public can hear that he is raising their concerns in the House. 

Other members of the Opposition plan to file legal cases pending the court’s decision on his case, Mr Coe said.

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