Opposition MP calls on Premier to resign while Premier brushes Terry Coe’s comments aside

Opposition member of parliament Terry Coe has called on the Premier Sir Toke Talagi to resign.

Coe made the comment while speaking during the last Fono Ekepule on Wednesday last week when the Budget was presented in parliament.

“I personally think the Premier should resign or call an early election and let the people bring in new blood into the Assembly. ” said Coe

The Speaker intervened telling Coe to refrain from making such comments and to focus his comments on the budget.

Coe said this was not a budget speech as it only outlined the Premier’s concerns about people damaging government properties and not paying taxes.

A former Minister of Finance himself, Terry Coe said the budget ought to highlight what will be developed especially in the education,  health, police and areas which are important to the people such as the cost of living. He says there is lack of outputs on the performance of the departments as is expected of the use of public finances. 

The Premier Sir Toke Talagi was not present at the meeting where he as Minister of Finance was expected to deliver his budget speech. Instead  the minister of Social Services, Hon. Billy Talagi delivered the Budget speech. 

Responding to BCN News through email, Sir Toke Talagi stated he is ” not interested in what Coe says.” 

The Premier has not been seen in public in over two months since returning from his medical treatment in New Zealand in early April this year.

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