Niue Honey lands sweet deal with NZ Chef Peter Gordon

Niue Honey’s owner Andrew Cory has partnered with renowned New Zealand born and London based Chef Peter Gordon landing a sweet deal in a new honey package to be launched in 2 to 3 months.  

Plans are already underway for a new hip flask honey bottle designed to mark the 250th year of Captain James Cook’s first Pacific Voyage highlighting the connection to the UK.  

The hip flask Cory says will have 3 stamps in the front – a map showing Niue’s location, one of the bee sanctuary logo and the other depicting the three golds awards won from the UK honey show in 2016.  

The new partnership will see Niue honey sold in all Peter Gordon restaurants in England and all over the world. 

When asked when they’ll re-enter the UK National Honey show again, Cory said most definitely and at any time now pending on the production of honey and allowing 5 months prior to the next awards.

The Niue Honey company has now reached 3,000 in the number of hives able to produce a couple hundred tonnes of honey “weather permitting just like fishing” says Cory.  Niue importantly is home to the most pristine bee colonies. Niue declared their intention in 2017 for the island to become a national bee sanctuary with Cory informing huge support of the sanctuary received from the World Wide Fund for Nature in recent weeks.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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