Australian yacht runs aground on the east coast of Niue; Couple sustain injuries

Another rescue operation is underway led by Niue Police for an Australian yacht named KI that has run aground on the east coast  of the island in the early hours of this morning. There are two passengers on board and both managed to swim to shore but have sustained injuries. BCN News understands that the medical team is with the injured couple but the harsh cliff terrain is proving a major challenge for the rescuers. The area is very remote which is difficult for the rescuers to raise the injured party from the bottom of the cliffs. The health department’s medical team are on site along with full rescue team. All relevant agencies are involved in this mission including Fisheries officials, BJ Rex in his Boat and the Search and Rescue Boat are all on site. The Fire Rescue are on standby awaiting the departure of the Air NZ flight before joining the rescue effort on the east coast. The incident happened between the village of Liku and Hakupu. It is unclear at this stage what happened . Last week there was another rescue mission to tow in a yacht from the west of Niue due to engine failure. Story by Esther Pavihi

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