Air NZ clarifies policy following disrupted flight

Air New Zealand has clarified its policy in the case of a disrupted flight.

This is in relation to the recent incident  in which NZ785 due to depart Niue – Auckland on Friday 21 June was cancelled due to engineering requirements.  Over 100 passengers had to extend their stay on Niue that weekend.

Customers were accommodated overnight and traveled the next day on an alternative aircraft. 

Concerns were raised by locals on visiting residents not being provided the same service as tourists who were provided accommodation, breakfast and lunch vouchers for the next day.

Responding to BCN News, the airline’s communications department stated that in the case of a disrupt due to an engineering problem, passengers are provided with accommodation unless their residence is within a reasonable distance of the airport.

The airline says accommodated passengers are also provided with meal vouchers and the opportunity to make phone calls.  

Story by Sofaia Koroitanoa

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