Pacific studies lecturer visits Niue campus

Dr Tui Rakuita lecturer for the Postgraduate diploma course in Pacific studies is here on the island for another week to oversee the final major projects undertaken by the 7 students enrolled this semester.

Being an online 14 week course conducted via moodle Dr Rakuita says that the primary challenge online was that of interpretation due to poor telecommunications – either from weather or poor network.

Epistemology which is the theme covered this semester he noted deals with comprehensive abstract and accurate interpretation is paramount  to helping the students succeed. His visit is to ensure the themes have been translated to help students succeed in their major projects.

Rakuita says Pacific studies offers the opportunity to represent ourselves as Pacific Islanders to the rest of the world and reclaim our space in public discourse.  

It is very liberal so as not to suppress history noting the cultural changes since colonization and ongoing social changes.

In thinking of career paths afterwards, he explained currently he’s in a project building a template to help with governance and effective adjudication especially around land disputes and land entitlements and in its final stages with Fiji as its pilot country with the aim of implementing it in the region.

The July intake for the course is now open for enrollment.


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