Concerns over gender based violence

Catherine Papani , Justin Kamupala and Sergeant Lamona Jackson recently attended a Sexual and gender based violence conference in Samoa organised by the Pacific Islands Law Office Network.

She highlighted the alarming statistics in neighboring countries, the youngest victim was 3 and a half months old while the oldest was a 93 year old.

Niue, Papani says has a counsellor and is happy there is momentum with the Family Law Bill, however she noted Niue does not have a Women’s crisis centre.  

It was only two weeks ago that an Indian National had his work permit in Niue revoked for committing a domestic violence offence  and was sent back to his country, leaving behind his wife and child.

In an earlier interview, Chief of Police Tony Edwards stated there has been someone responsible for the women’s refuge in such instance however the recent incident and with the rise he sees of domestic abuse,warrants re-invigoration of such group or support.

Papani also highlighted the necessity for dialogue on the issue.

Prevention she said can go a long way in helping with measures to tackle sexual and gender based violence noting there are no gender based roles these days.

What’s paramount she said is starting the education at home on having mutual respect for one another.

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